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Hello we are the NEWBY'S... CALVIN AND JOAN.
Dad and Mom to 4 fabulous children, Logan, Jason, Skyler & Kindra
Father and Mother in law to the best gift our children have Erica, Jessica, & Tyler
Grandma and Grandpa to 6 wonderful girls: Regan, Addison, Avery, Lundon, Jordyn and Ryder and to one Grandson Ashton .
Friends to some pretty special people and they know who they are!!!
adopted Dad and mom to the Blake Family
AND We have the BEST Extended Family EVER!
With God as our compass, Christ as our Savior and the very special people that are listed here, are what constitute our world!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

We are so Blessed 05-22-2011

Christmas was pretty quiet for us, It was our Children's turn to be with their Spouses side of the family. Jerri, Corey and their children moved out of our house in October after being there for 14 months. So, we did our traditional, go to the Movie on Christmas day. We did get some visitors (our Children) popping in... It was a Nice quiet time that gave us time to reflect. We thought of our Island People and their humble Christmas, The gift of Song is what they gave.

In January we Sold our house with a Lease option to Buy on Tahiti Street. Calvin will really miss that house. It was his style. I always thought it was TOO MUCH for us. I would like a more rambler type house. I did love having the space to help those in need, housing people was a wonderful blessing in their lives as well as ours. We had (not all at once) Jodi Drake live there, Jason and Jessica stayed in-between houses, Skyler lived there, as I mentioned Jerri, Corey and their children lived there as well. AS 2010 came to an end so did the house and the guests.
We moved in with Jason and Jessica in January of 2011. February 11th 2011 Marked a historic day for us. They took the rest of Calvin's tumor out and this time "they got it all" They said he had NO EVIDENCE of DISEASE. A Miracle! Calvin was Back to Work April 1st. After his recovery time. Avery, our 3 year old grand daughter saw his war wound and said, Grandpa, is that your zipper? (staples were not removed yet). Every now and then she asks to see his zipper.

The middle of March I went back to work and Calvin recuperated. Jason and Jessica gave us the down stairs Master bedroom for his recuperating space. I had the privilege of watching our Youngest Grand daughter Ryder for a week while Logan and Erica went on a cruise.

April was a BUSY Month, with Calvin feeling much better, we were able to get out of the house a bit more. We went down to Preston Idaho and heard a Missionary homecoming from the Moser's who served on Christmas Island. That was really neat. We also, went to Anna and Jon's Baby Season's blessing in Logan Utah. Then for our 32nd anniversary we went to New Mexico and spent a Mini Vacation with Jeff and Jodi Blake. We had a fabulous time! We went to several national parks, saw some really cool petrified wood. We went to the Zuni Indian reservation and got some way cool photo's. It reminded me of the island, with the going back in time feeling. We went to the Snowflake Az temple and saw our other friends Bob and Carla Coleman. We went to Albuquerque temple in New Mexico as well. We had a GREAT time.

Here it is May now, our Children, Jason & Jessica, Tyler and Kindra took their little ones and have moved to their summer locations to earn their living for the year. Jason's Family in Tennessee and Kindra's family in California. We are House sitting Jason's house. We spent the last 3 weekend looking at Parade of home houses trying to get a feel of what our next move will be. Last weekend we had the privilege of watching Lundon. Poor thing was missing the interaction with her cousin's. Asking for Avery several times. I think Grandma and Grandpa are getting boring for her. As the next time she saw us, she Cried so hard not to have to stay with us... bummer.
This weekend, we had a relaxing weekend, we went to be with Family on Saturday to Middleton to see Denise to congratulate her on her Graduating High school. Today we were given the privilege of talking in Church today it was on the Restoration and the the Priesthood. I feel blessed to have my testimony.
I can not express how blessed we feel. We have had our miracle! We have had our Families love and support through this difficult time. Our Coworkers have expressed so much caring and support. Our wards.. the one we left and our new one have been so supportive as well. We have wonderful Friends whom we feel a kinship to. WE ARE SO BLESSED!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Never A Better Hero

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Our 6 year Christmas Letter. 2010

Dearest Family and Friends, It has been YEARS that we have sent out a formal Christmas letter. Here it is…

January 2004-January 2006 we spent these two years living with Calvin’s mother in Kuna. Verna had a stroke October 2003 and we felt it was our calling to help and take care of her. We put our house in Nampa up for sale and for 5 days and nights a week took care of Grandma Newby, the other two days a week her other children took turns and tended to her needs. After her death in January of 2006 we put our Mission Paper’s in and was Called to serve on the Kiritimati Island, Kiribati, in the Marshall Island Mission. (Originally Hawaii Honolulu mission) We served from July 2006 to March 2008. We then moved in with my mother and step father in Nampa Idaho for the next 8 months. My mother was diagnoses with Lung cancer January of 2007 she was given 6 months to a year to live. She died in July 2009. I will cherish that extra time we got to spend with her as she was not suppose to be here on our return home. In November of 2008 we bought a home in Meridian Idaho. I work as a Supervisor for Boise Pediatrics and Calvin works as a civilian contractor in the Pediatric department at Mt Home AFB.

In July of 2010 Calvin found a mass in his abdomen in August they confirmed it was a Lipo-sarcoma (a very rare Cancer of the fat) and in September he had an operation. November and December Calvin is receiving 25 radiation treatments for it at the Huntsman in Utah and will have another surgery to remove the rest of the tumor (they didn’t get it all the 1st time in Boise) sometime in January or February. We know Calvin is in the Lords hands. We know whom we trust. Your prayers on his behalf would be greatly appreciated. We are thankful for each and every day that we have together and our knowledge of our Heavenly Father’s plan!

Logan & Erica became parents in May of 2004 Regan our 1st Granddaughter was born and December of 2005 Addison our 2nd Granddaughter was born. They lived in California and Utah while Logan was in the Air National guard there. In 2006 they made a move to Alaska where their opportunities were too great to pass up. Both of them went to college and worked for Erica’s Dad in the trucking business. They remain in Alaska still. In May 2010 Both Erica and Logan Graduated from Alaska University. He now is a manager in the Trucking business. Erica is continuing her studies to be a Physical Therapist. Their third daughter Ryder Elle joined their family in September 2010 She made Granddaughter number 6 and our 7th grandchild.

Jason was on a mission, from August 2002 and returned in October of 2004 from Peoria, ILL Spanish speaking. He was the Assistant to two Mission Presidents while serving there. He met and Married Jessica Bastow in Aug 2006 in the Salt Lake Temple. She is a talented Dancer and she has a communication degree from Boise State. In December of 2007 They were blessed with Avery June (granddaughter number 3) and in April 2010 they had another blessing Jordyn Grace. (Granddaughter number 5) They have made a home in Meridian Idaho. Jason graduated with a Business degree from Boise State in December 2009. He is a Manager for APX Alarms.

Skyler Graduated from High school in May of 2004. He finished a few classes in Kuna but is a Nampa Skyview Graduate. He became a Father to Lundon Tyler Newby in January of 2008. She is our 4th Granddaughter. He is the owner of 4 soon to be 5 Boost Mobile Stores in the Treasure Valley.

He has made a home for Lundon and himself in Meridian Idaho. He is quite the handy man and he is quite the Father!

Kindra was the Homecoming queen of Kuna High in 2005 she Graduated May of 2006 from Kuna High school. She moved to California shortly after High school and tried her luck in sales working for her Brother Jason at APX. After the summer she moved back to Idaho. She worked, lived with my sister Jerri and her family and Dated until she married Tyler McAllister in April of 2007, in the Boise Idaho Temple. He is a return missionary from England. They became parents in March of 2010 to our only Grandson. Ashton Tyler McAllister. They made their home in Boise Id. Kindra is going to college and will graduate in May as a Dental Assistant. Tyler is a Co Manager for APX.

Highlights for 2010 are 3 grandchildren born, our Brother in law joining the church, my job promotion at work and our Family Gathering for Thanksgiving in Beautiful Park City Utah where all 16 of us were together there! We feel blessed to have had this time together!

May we wish you all a VERY





Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Chapter in our lives

We are suppose to be moving today..
life a we know it is changing once again.
after many road blocks we threw our hands up and said.. Jesus take the wheel... and we are now landing in Meridian Idaho... A place far from where I ever expected to be.
We are having the Kids for Thanksgiving and NOW life is going forward.
More later and photo's too now that we have a place.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008



Our Home coming!
12 March 2008